Seasons That Change

How is it that life is like the seasons that change? I woke up this morning, made my cup of coffee, and stared at the droplets of rain hitting my window. I thought to myself how much I have changed over the years, how many curve balls life threw at me, and just how much heartache I have endured. I also thought about the joy that came after the pain, like the spring that comes after winter. That’s the beauty of life- the good and the bad, the laughter and the tears, the dark nights of sorrow or the morning days that bring joy. Hope doesn’t exist without some difficult nights, otherwise, what’s there to hope for? Laughter wouldn’t be appreciated as much if there weren’t any tears. Joy wouldn’t be joy without heartache. I think our existence was created to be that way so that we can love a little harder, pray a little more, and doubt a little less. We must learn to love each season of our life, and to appreciate the lesson in each difficult one. This is how we grow and blossom into the person we are meant to be. No matter how cold a winter may get, there will always be anticipation for that first spring day that resonates hope.


© 2020 Khiarra Vasquez

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